Marielle, you are such a bright shining star, your light has entered my world and brightened it, showing me so much. I will always remember you and the invaluable help you have given me.


My experience working with trauma has proven what scientists, researchers and scholars have been saying for some time - that traumatic experiences stay imprinted in the body. If we psychotherapists want to work with trauma such as sexual abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, neglect, domestic violence, accidents or traumas of war, we need to work using body intervention techniques that facilitate the process of releasing trauma – energy that gets stuck in the body. The technique I use is called healing through breath and sound.

The breath is the bridge that links our mind and body. The practice of deep breathing helps to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings us into a calm state.

Science has already proven that stress affects the body, which affects our physical, mental and emotional responses. It is important to know that everything in life is a vibration. Each individual soul has its own unique vibration. Sound is a vibration and everyone has his/her own note. Sound can release blocked energy and access the vibration of the soul. Breathing practices can help restore balance and rhythm. Living out of rhythm causes confusion and can lead to ill health.

Healing through breath and sound techniques has shown positive results for the treatment of trauma in my clients.

UKCP Marielle Quinlan