I want to thank you so so much; you have planted seeds of knowledge that will last a lifetime. Thank you for helping me grow as a person. I will always be eternally grateful, you truly are one of God’s angels and are such a beautiful person inside. You got such a gift, definitely an old soul. Sam


Hi, my name is Marielle and I live in Maidenhead, Berkshire with my family.

I have always loved human beings. Back in Brazil, my first degree was in Communication and Advertising. I started my career working for advertising agencies, but later I decided to teach Consumer Behaviour for a marketing institute in Lima, Peru. During this stage of my career, I always had a sense of emptiness surrounding my job. I realized that I was observing people’s behaviour for the purpose of making them consume goods. However, for me I wanted to understand people on a different level, so I could help them.

I decided to further develop my knowledge of human behaviour and qualified as a psychotherapist. My motivation was based on following my real happiness, which is to help people. By coming to understand people through their feelings, I can help them to become stronger and more confident.

I trained at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy in London, which is the biggest centre for Integrative and Transpersonal training in Europe. I hold a Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and a Master in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

I work using integrative and transpersonal theories and techniques. I am a holistic psychotherapist and counsellor. When I'm with a client, I see a complete and whole human being in front of me, with body, mind and soul.  

Marielle Quinlan Psychotherapist about



It is by using my integrative and transpersonal perspective as a therapist that I’m able to see everyone's potential for growth. For the holistic psychotherapist, everyone is a carrier of hidden divine qualities. 

So who am I? I’m a therapist who loves her job. My real happiness is to help people overcome their struggles and to facilitate their psychological transformation. 

UKCP Marielle Quinlan